The top 10 best restaurants in Al Karama

Come for the beautiful murals, stay for the excellent food...

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The top 10 best restaurants in Al Karama

Before we talk about the best restaurants in Al Karama, it's important to give a bit of background for newcomers. Al Karama is one of Dubai's oldest neighbourhoods, and is now a vibrant and diverse area boasting numerous markets, shops and restaurants. The main shopping hub, Karama Market, is home to some 300 shops selling gifts, souvenirs, clothes and handbags. Despite a lack of Dubai's now-ubiquitous tall buildings, Al Karama is one of the most densely populated areas of the city, in part due to how well-connected it is. The population is extremely multi-cultural, with many residents coming from countries such as the Philipines, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and China. As one might expect, the food scene is similarly diverse. 


The most common cuisine you'll find in Al Karam is Indian, with restaurants often serving up feasting menus of thalis and giant naans. Many of these restaurants are also vegetarian, making this a great area for those with meat-free or plant-based diets. Instead of meat, you'll find paneer and lentil-based dishes, as well as some featuring chaap, a soy-based meat alternative common in India. Elsewhere, you'll find more niche establishments, such as those specialising in barbecue or dumplings. Finally, there are some more global restaurants in the various hotels, often open all day and serving everything from Italian to Japanese fare. Some of Al Karama's restaurants are open well into the night, providing the perfect spot for a midnight snack, while others open nice and early for breakfast.

With all these choices, it wasn't easy to narrow down the list of the very best restaurants in Al Karama, but here we are. We've made sure to include plenty of variety in terms of cuisine, decor, price range and the like, so you'll be sure to find something just right for you. Simply hit the 'book now' link to find out more about a given restaurant.


Amritsr is a perfect example of the great Indian restaurants dotted around Al Karama. The restaurant is highly versatile and can cater to private events, business lunches, dinners, cocktail parties and wedding receptions. Here, you can start off with sharing plates of chaat such as bhel puri and aloo tikki, before tucking into the various curries on offer. There is an enormous amount of choice, with plenty of chicken, lamb, vegetable, egg and prawn dishes, as well as ample bread and rice options.
Where: Al Attar Center, 318-836, Al Karama
Book now: Amritsr

Rasoi Ghar

Rasoi Ghar, nestled in the heart of Karama, showcases the vibrant flavours of Gujarat and Rajasthan in a lively, open kitchen setting. Here, experience three-course thalis that sometimes feature as many as 30 dishes, including dals, curries, chaat, rice, vegetables, breads and sweets such as gulab jamun or shrikhand. Rasoi Ghar is also one of the best restaurants in Dubai for delivery, so you can enjoy a hearty thali from the comfort of your own home if you so wish.
Where: Zainal Mohebi Plaza, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Al Karama
Book now: Rasoi Ghar

Maharaja Bhog

At Maharaja Bhog, the menu changes daily which makes it an excellent place to revisit. Tear into piping hot roti, ideal for dipping into the various aromatic and fiery curries. The pani puri are a must, as is the famous masala tea, while other highlights include the Rajasthani dal, paneer paratha and moong muthiya. Finish with a classic Indian dessert such as malai kulfi or aamras for a fully authentic experience.
Where: Ground Level, A Block, Hamsah Mall Next to Ansar Gallery, Al Karama
Book now: Maharaja Bhog

Dhaba Lane

The food at Dhaba Lane is inspired by Indian dhabas (roadside shack restaurants) and their fun platings. As such, one dish might arrive in a miniature red brick well, while another might come atop a little truck with a plaque asserting that “once you have eaten here, you would keep coming back”. The food itself will be familiar to many, with dishes including butter chicken, mutton rogini and tandoori lamb chops. Don’t miss the hare moong dal ki tikki, a cheesy patty of potato covered in spicy green dal.
Where: Behind Park Regis Hotel, 2 B Street, Al Karama
Book now: Dhaba Lane

Nabati House

For a healthier option in the area, swing by Nabati House. Here, you’ll find a more global menu packed with nutrient-rich dishes, plus a whole selection of juices. To taste as many of the great flavours as possible, try the Nabati mezze supreme, which features spinach and basil hummus, two falafel, muhammara hummus, beetroot hummus, batata harra (spicy potatoes), fried sumac cauliflower, tabbouleh, fattoush, golden pilaf, mujadara lentil and rice, a cauliflower and hummus wrap and luqaimat (fried dough) to finish.
Where: Shop 19, Mabrooka 1 Building, 4 B Street, Al Karama
Book now: Nabati House

Barbecue Nation

Barbecue Nation is now well-known all over Asia for its grilling expertise. It’s a great place for group dining, as the cook-at-the-table format makes for a fun evening activity, not just a meal. Choose from platter-style combos including fish and prawn, vegetarian, chicken or mixed grill, as well as more traditional mains like paneer makhni or dal tadka. Be sure to try the cajun spiced potatoes on the side, the perfect accompaniment for these BBQ belters. Finish on a sweet note with jalebi or gulab jamun.
Where: 3 B Street, Al Karama
Book now: Barbecue Nation

Yalla Momos

Momos are a staple of the Tibetan diet but not so easy to find in Dubai. Thankfully, the team at Yalla Momos are experts in their field. Settle into the relaxed restaurant and feast on a plethora of dumplings including butter chicken, chilli, chicken tandoori or Afghani. There is even a momo burger available, as well as non-momo dishes such as noodles, chicken lollipops and chilli potatoes. The dessert comes as a - you guessed it - momo, or rather three momos, either apple pie or chocolate brownie flavour.
Where: Behind Park Regis Hotel, 4 B Street, Al Karama
Book now: Yalla Momos

Sadak Chaap

For readers who are unfamiliar with chaap, it’s a soft, soy-based meat alternative, typically wrapped on ice cream sticks. This gives it the appearance of a rib or chop, hence the name. Sadak Chaap, as the name might suggest, specialises in this veggie dish, preparing it in all sorts of different exciting ways. Try the Delhi-style wrap, a Punjabi lentil and chaap curry, or fragrantly marinated Lahori chaap.
Where: 28 4B Street, Al Karama
Book now: Sadak Chaap


The name Sthan means “a place” in Sanskrit, encapsulating the restaurant’s borderless menu. As such, you can sample various dishes from all over Asia, including India and Iran. Meat-lovers should try the kata kat, a grilled assortment of sheep offal, or the raan Irani - a whole leg of lamb marinated overnight and slow-cooked in the oven. Carb-wise we recommend sharing the naan-e-Sthan, the house bread that feeds eight people (or one, if you’re ambitious, as the menu points out).
Where: Al Karama
Book now: Sthan

Kris with a View

Kris with a View does what it says on the tin, offering show-stopping vistas of the Dubai skyline. Located on the 19th floor of the Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel, the restaurant offers all-day dining and an extensive wine list. The food offering is pretty global, so you can opt for Szechuan chicken, French-style ribeye steak, Iranian mixed grill, Italian panzanella or Mongolian black pepper beef, although probably not all at once!
Where: Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Road, Al Karama
Book now: Kris with a View

If Al Karama is too narrow an area, be sure to try our list of the best restaurants in Dubai. There, you'll find a great selection of incredible restaurants, including sushi, seafood and steak places.

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