The best Japanese restaurants in Dubai

Japanese cuisine is ever-popular in the city of Dubai, explore our collection of the best sushi bars and Japanese restaurants for your next dinner in Dubai

Updated on 09 October 2019

The best Japanese restaurants in Dubai

Delicate, packed full of flavour and beautifully presented, Japanese cuisine is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the tastebuds and it's no surprise that is it a food trend that has taken off in Dubai. There are many traditional favourites including sashimi, tempura, teriyaki, yakitori and sushi, each one packed with a unique blend of flavours and textures.

Dubai has truly embraced the food of Japan with a plethora of Japanese-themed restaurants and sushi bars thriving across the city. With so many Japanese restaurants to choose from it can be tricky to know where to head to find the best steamed sashimi or the perfect steaming bowl of ramen. 

So take a look at our edit of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai and find the perfect Japanese restaurant for your next dinner or business meeting.




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