Emirates Mall restaurants: 10 of the best places to eat

Our favourite restaurants and cafes in the humongous Emirates Mall Dubai

Updated on • Written By Peter Dreyer

Emirates Mall restaurants: 10 of the best places to eat

The mighty Mall of the Emirates opened in Dubai in 2005, and even by Dubai’s standards, it’s an absolute beast - it houses 630 retail outlets, 80 luxury stores and 250 flagships within its walls, not to mention over 100 restaurants and cafés. With all that food choice, how do you know where to go? That’s where we come in.


We’ve taken on the mammoth task of analysing the Mall of Emirates food court, as well as Mall of Emirates cafes and restaurants, to bring you some of our favourite Emirates mall restaurants and places to eat.

The Mall of the Emirates has a huge range of different restaurants, from more local, familiar Middle Eastern cafes to famous worldwide chains like P.F. Changs, YO! Sushi, and The Cheesecake Factory. Some of the latter have made it into our list - because frankly, you can’t go wrong with a grill from Texas De Brazil, or a few stacks of Din Tai Fung shumai sometimes - but we’ve also tried to include a few lesser-known spots that are favourites among locals.

Don’t forget that the Emirates Mall is also home to Ski Dubai - the mammoth award-winning indoor ski resort that boasts ski runs, as well as a snow park, sledding and tobogganing, indoor zip lines and more. Many Emirates Mall restaurants are geared up for Ski Dubai visitors, serving alpine-inspired menus with views overlooking the slopes. The family nature of the Mall also means that most Mall of Emirates restaurants and cafes are well prepared with kids menus that’ll keep the little ones well fed and entertained throughout the day.

So, are you hungry yet? Scroll down for a few of our favourite Emirates Mall pit stops.

Cafe Bateel

What: Award-winning Cafe Bateel serves easy-eating Mediterranean food - from pasta plates and hearty braises to sandwiches and subs - as well as offering fresh bread and pastries. Bateel prides itself on using the freshest ingredients and that is reflected in the menu, which has something for everyone.
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Texas De Brazil

What: If watching meats slow roasting on spits over fire is your thing, we’d heartily recommend colourful Texas De Brazil, which serves up Brazilian grilled meats alongside an enormous salad area. There are some other classic Brazilian hot dishes available too, not to mention an outstanding Brazilian cheesecake that will finish things off nicely.
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Koryo Korean BBQ

What: Koryo specialises in freshly grilled barbecue meats and spicy hotpots, but you’ll find all your favourite Korean dishes on the Koryo menu, from bibimbap and tteokbokki to japchae and kimchi fried egg bowls.
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The Cheesecake Factory Mall of Emirates

What: From a legendary Beverly Hills cheesecake outlet to a 160-strong worldwide megacorp, The Cheesecake Factory Mall of Emirates is the place to go if you’re hankering for something sweet. The menu here boasts about 50 different cheesecake options, as well as an assortment of snacks, pastas, steaks and pizzas.
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Salmontini Le Resto

What: One of the Emirates Mall’s many restaurants overlooking the indoor slopes of Ski Dubai, Salmontini Le Resto’s eclectic, international menu has something for everyone. Unsurprisingly, there’s a heavy focus on salmon - smoked salmon, salmon rillettes and salmon tartare all feature - then, a selection of warming dishes like French onion soup, as well as fresh salads and snacks.
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Black Tap Craft Burgers

What: If you’ve been dragging the kids around the mall for a whole morning, burgers and shakes might be just the thing to perk them back up again. Black Tap serves up hefty craft burgers of various shapes and sizes, as well as famous loaded CrazyShakes from the shake station. Just be prepared for the sugar overload and subsequent crash in the afternoon.
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Din Tai Fung

What: The dim sum megachain has outlets all over the world, so it comes as no surprise that there’s a pretty sizeable Din Tai Fung in the Emirates Mall too. Dumplings, shumai and potstickers are a must, but there’s plenty of variety too, from fried rice and noodle dishes to steamed red bean buns.
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L’ETO Caffe

What: L’ETO established a great reputation in London before taking its custom cakes, pastries and coffee over to the Middle East. Now with sites in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Qatar, L’ETO shows no signs of slowing down. Head to the Mall of the Emirates location for healthy salads and sandwiches, as well as a cracking breakfast and a hefty cake and pastries selection.
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St Tropez Bistro

What: A French neighbourhood spot in the heart of Dubai, St Tropez Bistro serves classic fare in a chic restaurant setting. Frog’s legs, foie gras, steak frites, moules marinieres - all the classics are accounted for, alongside a kids menu and even a few different cigars for tobacco connoisseurs.
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Al Hallab

What: One of the most popular Middle Eastern restaurants in the Mall of the Emirates, Al Hallab delivers just what you need at all times of the day, from breakfast dishes to salads, mezze, grills and pastries. You can’t go wrong with the Ramadan sweets either.
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