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Widely considered to be the world’s most famous chain of high-end Japanese restaurants, Zuma was co-founded by Rainer Becker and Arjun Waney in 2002. It currently has over 12 venues globally and 5 seasonal locations. This is a restaurant that offers exceptional dishes that make people come back again and again, with its long list of regular diners proving a testament to its popular menu. 

With a space covering over 13,000 square feet and a bar and lounge area almost equal in size to its restaurant, it has a posh, clubby atmosphere. The private dining ‘Wabi and Sabi’ area is decorated in a similar style to the main dining area, where the solid oak wood dining table and brightly colored seating add a surprising pop of color. Set on the restaurant’s upper level, this space can seat up to 20 people or can be split into two separate intimate spaces for 10 people each. This is the ideal place for treating a select group of friends, family, clients, or colleagues.

Known for ‘izakaya’ style dining - a type of informal Japanese setup that serves alcoholic drinks and snacks that emphasizes sharing - Zuma offers authentic but not traditional dishes. The menu here is comprehensive and alluring which presents a variety of dishes from its three kitchens: the main kitchen, the sushi counter and the robata grill. Start off with maguro no uni nokke (special sushi, tuna, uni and caviar) for a special opening act to your event. Then plump for something from the robata grill or one of the signature dishes - the grilled wagyu beef and black cod wrapped in hoba leaves are always on diners’ top list. 

The drinking menu offers a great selection of sake and beer, with a short list of specialty cocktails that use special ingredients to create unusual signature serves or that help give classics a Japanese twist. 

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Cool, Fine dining, Luxury, Unique

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Zuma, Gate Village 06 DIFC, Dubai, P.O. Box 506620

4425 5660


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