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One of Dubai's most immersive dining experiences, bound to leave anyone you are looking to impress with long lasting memories, Ossiano is an award winning Michelin star restaurant by celebrated chef Gregoire Berger. The restaurant is located in Atlantis, forming part of the hotel's huge swathe of cafes, restuarants and bars. One of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai, the menu is inspired by the ocean and sea, so it makes sense that it is remarkably placed at the bottom of one of the world’s largest aquariums containing 65,000 marine animals.

View the aquarium from the Lost Chambers of Atlantis before descending down the staircase to the Ossiano. While there isn't a specific private dining room, there is the option to request one of the front-row seats for special occasions, or book large group tables for big events. Open from 6pm until 1am, book a romantic table for two and dine while you look through one of the many floor-to-ceiling windows into the spectacular aquarium. Here you'll be treated to a display of 200 species of multicoloured fish, sharks, and stingray swimming past your table, perfect for a spectacular romantic evening or even as a way to seriously impress corporate clients.

If you are looking to make a grand gesture for a special occasion or proposal, you can pay extra for one of the many skilled divers who work for the restaurant to deliver a message through one of the windows by your table that looks onto the depths of the aquarium.

Paying homage to the sea, the avant-garde ten-course Metonia menu focuses on using sustainably sourced, seasonal ingredients with produce sourced within 50 kilometres of the coastline; it features enticing dishes including bowls shaped like crabs and potatoes disguised as coral along with Brittany brown crab and caviar. Between courses enjoy palate cleansers and a speciality cocktail or two. Why not try the Ossiano martini or the Trident?

If you are looking for a special evening with group dining, to impress a corporate client or even just experience refined dining, Ossiano is the one for you.

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Fish, Seafood
Cool, Fine dining, Luxury, Unique

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Crescent Road, The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai,

+971 4426 0770



Is there a private dining room?

There isn't a specific private dining room, but you can book Ossiano for groups or request smaller tables to be in a prime spot in front of the aquarium.

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